Booster Shots

Booster shots offer a quicker and less expensive alternative to IV infusions. Injecting into the muscle allows for a more sustained release, and slower absorption of the vitamins into the bloodstream. They can also serve as a booster to previous IV infusions.

Vitality - Booster Shots

The Vitality Booster is a combination of vitamins and nutrients that provide a quick energy kick. It is ideal for when you are feeling fatigued or sluggish. As a simple intramuscular injection, it assists people struggling with a busy schedule or who need a final push to meet an upcoming deadline.

Performance Booster Shot

The Performance booster combines vitamins and amino acids to help the body recover from hard workouts or training. It can help decrease post-workout soreness and replenish energy to get back to training quicker.

Immunity Booster Shots

The Immunity Booster is a combination treatment with vitamins, minerals and peptides designed to elevate the immune system and to help prevent illness and infection. If you’re seeking a quick boost of immune support, such as with last-minute traveling (or just returning home), have a busy schedule or are frequently exposed to large numbers of people, you could benefit from this treatment. It especially pairs well with the Immunity IV and oral supplements to maintain maximum immune health.

Beauty Booster Shots

The Beauty booster provides vitamins and nutrients specifically designed to promote healthy skin and repair damaged skin. It pairs “beautifully” with our beauty IV treatment, Hydrafacial treatments, and Jan Marini skin care products. Our estheticians are happy to help you develop a personalized skin care regimen to bring out your inner glow.

Weight Loss Booster Shots

Weight loss booster shots are a combination of amino acids and nutrients that boost metabolism and aid with weight reduction. They are designed to be an ancillary treatment to an active diet and exercise regimen, not a solo weight loss treatment.

Monthly Package

Monthly maintenance programs provide a combination of IV and IM treatments to provide a consistent regimen of nutritional therapy. They can provide an attractive long term maintenance program providing intermittent high dose IV treatments with quick, lower cost IM injections in between them.

  • One IV treatment per month
  • Weekly IM injections the other 3 weeks
    • Done during normal weekend hours
    • Cannot mix and match IV treatment and weekly injections without consultation with doctor