Boost Your Immune System for Travel Season

Let’s look at ways to boost your immune system for travel season. Summer is almost here! With travel often comes an influx of the common cold and influenza, or flu for short. The act of travel requires spending time in high-traffic areas such as airports or train stations which can expose you to high percentages of viruses and bacteria. Typically, your body can handle most viruses and bacteria. However, if you have an immune deficiency, or if you’re just tired or somewhat dehydrated, it is possible to become sick from the germs and viruses around you.

IV Hydration Therapy is a preventative method to avoid getting sick. At Jersey Shore IV Hydration Therapy, we can specifically formulate an IV Hydration Therapy drip to assist in boosting your immune system with natural vitamins and minerals. A boosted immune system can help you fight off, or even prevent you from becoming sick with seasonal flu and colds which are rampant during the winter months.

Many travelers report getting sick with the cold or common flu after or during travel, particularly during the winter months when temperatures drop, and more people are on planes to visit friends and family for the holidays and vacations. Studies show that travelers are more likely to catch a cold or flu virus while traveling by airplane as opposed to traveling on the ground. While it’s not a surprise that airplanes harbor germs as they transport hundreds of people daily to a wide variety of destinations, it is possible to boost your immune system leading up to or right after a trip to lessen the chances of becoming sick.

Here are a few tips to Boost Your Immune System for Travel

1. Boost energy, hydration and immunity

High doses of vitamins like those found in an IV Hydration Therapy infusion promote an improved immune response. Your body constantly works to protect you from viral and bacterial infections. You Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight off illness. However, the human body does not produce vitamin C. It must be obtained from outside-the-body sources either by consuming citrus fruits (lemons, limes, oranges) or by taking supplements. IV Hydration Therapy delivers high doses of Vitamin C directly into the bloodstream for the body to start using immediately.

2. Get hydrated; stay hydrated

Proper hydration is important for every cell to work at its best ability. The human body is composed of 60% water – a slight dip in hydration can cause problems in your system, including headaches, fatigue, and even shakiness and anxiety. When you’re sick with the flu or cold, your body is putting in extra work to fight off illness. It is very important to remain hydrated to assist your body in repairing and recovery.

IV Hydration Therapy immediately delivers essential fluids and electrolytes necessary for quick recovery. IV Hydration Therapy fluids are formulated to provide the proper balance of electrolytes and key minerals needed for proper body functions.

3. Get the proper amount of sleep

Your body regenerates while you sleep. Lack of sleep has an adverse effect on your immune system, making you susceptible to illness. In fact, lack of sleep can be a result of not being hydrated enough.

4. Wash your hands

Always wash your hands – especially after being in high traffic areas and, especially after touching things such as doorknobs, door rails, and airplane trays and seats. This keeps harmful bacteria and viruses from infecting you and can lower your chances of getting sick.

5. The Jersey Shore IV Hydration Team

Jersey Shore IV Hydration Therapy has a team of highly trained medical professionals who provide discreet infusion therapy conveniently at your location – home, office or hotel.

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