Immune System Boosting IV Treatments

Immune system boosting IV treatments are essential to fight off pathogens and toxins that could cause you greater health problems. Making sure your body is prepared for an attack has never been easier with a service that comes to you.

Our specialists are able to give clients quality immune system boosting IV treatments without the inconvenience of having to get to an office. These sessions involve giving clients a combination of fluids, B complex and Vitamin C. This equals a solution which can help restore fluid and nutrient deficiencies.

When you aren’t feeling well, your body may try to purge itself of liquids through vomiting and sweating. When that happens, your body loses water, electrolytes and essential nutrients. This weakens your immune system and leaves you vulnerable to viruses and bacteria that could lead to serious harm.

Our IV Hydration Therapy Drip can help hydrate you and help you feel well again if you’re dehydrated, feel groggy or you simply don’t feel like yourself.

A key ingredient we use is Vitamin C. This vitamin is an antioxidant that can help boost the immune system to fight off viral infections. There are current ongoing studies looking at higher dose Vitamin C (6g-24g) in the prevention and treatment of viral infection. This new information is crucial as our society faces growing uncertainty of viral infections and the continued threat of the common cold and flu.

All our patients receive a physical evaluation, including measurement of vital signs, to ensure safe treatment administration. Typical procedures last 30-60 minutes based on each client and the amount of fluid. We want to assure those being treated that this will be a relieving experienced; instead of a clinical experience, IV Hydration Therapy is typically relaxing and refreshing.

Using this treatment consistently as part of your wellness diet will keep your body healthy from infections and bacteria. A regimen consisting of an IV infusion of 10g of Vitamin C to help kick start the immune system followed by daily oral supplementation of 2g in the morning and 2g at night can serve as a prophylactic treatment to help prevent infection from any viral illnesses.

Find Out More About IV Treatments and Your Immune System

We advise you to contact your personal physician or contact us to learn more about the correct doses your body can handle. One of our educated staff members will be happy to tell you more about the benefits and proper usage of IV treatments!

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